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In response to a warning letter posted by the Food & Drug Administration, dated September 14, 2004, Jennette Brothers, Inc. has the following response:

1. Our HACCP plan was revised on July 31, 2004 to include a plan for fresh refrigerated crabmeat to control the food safety of pathogen growth as a result of time/temperature abuse.

2. Our HACCP plan was updated on July 31, 2004, to change the critical limit for pasteurized crab meat to "at or below 40 degrees". Also, the hazard identified was changed to "pathogens" versus "clostridium botulinum".

3. Our HACCP plan was updated on July 31, 2004, to change the corrective action for fresh, histamine-producing finfish to "if fish not completely covered with ice, temp core of exposed product; if over 40 degrees F, HACCP certified staff must analyze length of time product out of temp and may need to reject load after consulting time/temp chart" (Table #A-2 pg 282 Fish & Fisheries Products Hazards & Controls Guidance: Third Edition).

4. We have implemented a thorough training policy for our managers as well as employees involved in picking up product from vendors, receiving product at our warehouse, and shipping product from our warehouse. Our Quality Control Manager has also implemented a re-training system for any time when an employee violates the record keeping process.