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What was happening at this time?

James Adams Floating Theatre

The James Adams Floating Theatre docked next to Jennette Brothers.

Virginia Dare Hotel

This photograph, probably taken from the Virginia Dare Hotel, shows the Jennette Brothers building which was demolished in 1972 to make way for a public park.

By 1912, Jennette Brothers had moved to the company’s second location at 110 South Water Street. Note the goods advertised on the building: Lime, fertilizers, buggies, wagons and farm implements.

In 1917, the Jennette Brothers building was expanded to include 112 through 114 Water Street. This served as its location throughout the 1920s.

Harbor Just Received...

On the left, sailing ships line the Elizabeth City waterfront in this 1906 postcard. (Right) This 1912 Jennette Brothers advertisement in The Weekly Advance announced the arrival of the seed potatoes local farmers needed to begin planting. Potato farming was, and is, a major factor in the economy of Northeastern North Carolina.

Aerial Shot

This aerial shot, taken in September 1925, shows the Elizabeth City waterfront with the Jennette Brothers building at the far left. A schooner is docked next to the building, where the James Adams Floating Theatre was wintered during the off-season.